Sharda Events

Regular Events   All Welcome

Absent Healing Service 5.30pm every Wednesday

Universal Worship 11am First Sunday of each month. 

Personal Retreat Space available during most weekdays and the first weekend of each month & at other times  when the Centre is not booked for an event.

2017 Events

6-17 November Available for hire

17-19 November Auckland Sphere Group Residential Retreat Teacher Leander Kane. Contact Janet Eades email

23-26 November Human Design contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

2  December Celebration Time ! The Sharda Centre turns 30 years old. Spread the word far & wide.  Share your Memories & Photos. Pot luck. Bring a plate for a shared meal. All Welcome. Start time 10am onwards. Cake & candles at 3pm

altar3 December 11am Universal Worship, followed by shared lunch. Honouring wisdom, peace, light & Love that is at the heart of all the world religions & sacred traditions. Celebrating & uniting us all as one family. All are welcome, all faiths or no  faith. full moon

4 December 7pm Saturday Full moon meditation for Peace. All Welcome

24 December Come Celebrate Christmas Eve together. Shared evening Meal


12-14 January Friday 6pm welcome meal, finish Sunday 4pm. Peak States of Consciousness  Hi vibrating hearts! Step insideLove with Bhagavati and Jeffrey Wise Owl for a beautiful lived experience. Love wants a date with you…..come join us for a weekend……Can you accept that Love is actually who you are? YES! vibrating Heart, this is the core longing behind all the other longings and dreams you have. We would like to invite you to step inside. InsideLove.    We will dive into the practice of InsideLove together in two special sessions, on Saturday and Sunday. Experience how Love can lead you, deepen your inner knowing, free your mind and spirit, and give your heart strength to pursue the life you dream of. And importantly learn how to take down barriers that you have unconsciously built against Love.    We will dance, draw, share, eat great food, do Yoga and conscious breathing, heal deeply, go on silent Nature walks, and there will be tons of time in-between to integrate and relax. Individual healing sessions avail. Friday and Monday. 

Bhagavati is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Psychosynthesis counsellor from Sweden and Jeffrey is an expat Kiwi and Peak States Therapist practising Psychotherapy in Germany. They are both Tantric practitioners.

Info Contact  Jeffery Parker email

8-12 February Wellness Retreat.

24-25 February Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

2-4 March Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

6-8April Shiatsu Practitioners Association AGM. 25th Anniversary of the Shiatsu Association

10-13 May Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

22-24 June Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

30 June- 1 July Kinship Weekend

24-27 August Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

25 September- 7 October Individual Healing Retreats with Mushida Devi Tide

12-15 October Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 

22-25 November Human Design workshop  contact Christine Spicer 021630274 











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