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For Retreats, Workshops, Gatherings & Conferences.

 The Sharda Centre is a place of peace where one may attune to Nature and refresh the Spirit, away from the stress and demands of today’s busy life. Nestled in a secluded section of rural Tuakau, with native bush walks, stream, waterfalls and woodland,

Dedicated to the educational, cultural and spiritual needs of people today, it upholds the ideal of harmony in all aspects of life, with all people, and within the realms and rhythms of Nature.

In the pressures and stress of the modern world, there is an increasing need for places of quiet beauty where people may go to be refreshed and renewed. The Sharda Centre offers such a venue.

 Dear friends, We have had the most amazing working bee here at Sharda recently, and are feeling very blessed to have had such a large group of friends sharing this time with us. It feels a real privilege to be here on this land, gently holding and nurturing the vision, in the best way we can. To have all of you, giving freely of your time and energy for Sharda, touches me very deeply, and I am filled with gratitude, and so appreciative of you all.

Pretty much all of our Wooly Nightshade has been cut and treated, our stream track is looking amazing, and it is now so easy and safe to walk along the banks of our magical stream. The ginger has had a real workover, and a lot of our small regenerating native trees have been released from the stranglehold of the asparagus fern. Much dead wood from selected areas has been been brought up, and sawn up ready for next winter’s fires. Other tracks have been worked on, and lots of weed eating has also been done.
There is a renewed vibrancy here, especially since the weekend, and I know that your presence contributed to this, and we thank you so much.  
It was so perfect that Universal Worship was the following morning as well, for many people stayed over, and chose to attend this, some for the first time. What a treat this was,  to have more than twice the average amount of people here for worship. 
We had so much fun, and are continuing to, with the help of 2 beautiful people who have stayed on with us after the weekend. The focus moved into our vege garden Sunday afternoon, and today the centre has been getting some extra attention, and a little painting as well. 
Next year it is likely that we may have a Working Bee in Autumn, as well as in early November, so if you’d like to do it again, then keep an eye out for an email, and the other eye on our Website for the dates, and we’ll see you here.
Once again we thank you for being here, and making a real difference by your willingness and your presence.
And extra special thanks to Alan Hafiz, for bringing it together, and guiding the process. We couldn’t have done this without you :-)
With much gratitude, and love,

The Sharda Centre is a registered Charitable Trust which operates on the principals & ideals of selfless service & donations.  Offers of Time, Goods or Services are always needed & very much appreciated. If you would like to volunteer your time, skills or goods, please contact The Sharda Centre (09) 236 9083

The ideals of The Sharda Trust,  stresses the unity at the centre of all life, and the understanding of that unity common to all. The Sharda Centre respects and honours all religions & sacred traditions.


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